Social Dungeon

Social Dungeon

Reward people you follow and interact with on Twitter with D&D style attribute points. Level up, maybe go on a quest. Who knows?

Start playing now

Award points, level up,
go on quests. Rule, the world

"Civil Discourse" is neither civil nor a discourse. Discuss.

@socialdungeon +15 wisdom

PithyName has been awarded 15 wisdom points by @chrisjdavis


Simple to play, difficult to master.

Intuitive Interface

Simply send replies as you normally would, at-mention @socialdungeon and tell him what stat to award and how much.

Dive Deeper

The more you play, the higher your level, which comes in handy when going on text based adventures, which are launching soon. Create a questing group and storm the castle, defeat the Dark Lord and save the world. If you can.

Social Dungeon at a Glance

Track your progress, customize your player and conquer the world.

Home Page

The latest stats for player ranks, attribute awards and current leaderboard ranks.

Character Sheet

Your Social Dungeon user profile.

Character Customization

Upload an image for your character, add a bio and change the randomly chosen alignment, class and weapons.

Finely Crafted Code,
Hand Coded Design.

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