A simple snippet to add your recent instagram activity to your Kirby powered site.

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Kirby 3.4.1 Ready. No worries here. EASYInstagram works flawlessly on the current version of Kirby! We will make sure to keep up with all the new versions of Kirby and minimize any breaking changes.

What's Included?

Every Plugn & Snippet that we produce is extensively tested and checked to ensure quality and performance. In addition you can expect the following

  • A simple wrapper around cURL to make life easier.
  • A simple, elegant Instagram integration for your site.
  • A simple grid layout that integrates with the default Kirby CMS example template.
  • Concise, easily readable instructions to get you up & running quickly.
Example image of desktop layout
Example image of mobile layout

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Finely Crafted Code,
Hand Coded Design.

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